Biological Control of Crop Diseases Recent Advances and Perspectives Vol 1 : Horticultural Crops, Vol 2 : Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and Other Crops Vol. 1-2 set

By: Dinesh Singh
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ISBN: 9788170195924
Year: 2018
Binding: Hardbound

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Biological Control of Crop Diseases: Recent Advances and Perspectives Part: 1 Horticultural Crops, Part 2: Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds and other corps presents up-to-date research findings on crop disease management to provide with a single-source reference text for developing a sustainable ecosystem that doesn't depend on harmful and unhealthy agrochemicals. The Comprehensive research articles in this book represents the key subjects covered by invited authors. This unique book presnets fresh ideas and innovative strategies for finding meaningful solutions to the problems of disease control and provides an excellent source of currently used bioconrol agents (BCA) for Management of major corp diseases and their potential use in agricultural crop production in India. It is an invaluable reference resource for academics and extension scientists working the area of crop protection