Current Status of Researches in Fish and Fisheries

By: P.C. Joshi
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ISBN: 9788170196594
Year: 2020
Binding: Hardbound

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With rapid advances in science and technology (S&T), the societal expectation from S&T are increasing which includes, providing the basic infrastructure of assured food, water and electricity supply, sanitation, efficient transportation and communication, IT connectivity and e-governance, safety and security of all, as well as finding solutions for alleviating malnutrition and poverty offering adequate healthcare and so on. To cope up with the increasing population in India, the only option left with us is to tap every channel of nutritional food for the security of life and sustainable development. Fortunately, we have plenty of natural resources like aquatic and open land, coastal belt and oceanic resources with rich faunal diversity. Livestock/animal resources are an important contribution to total food production. The role of animals in food and agriculture development programmes is underrated almost everywhere throughout the increasing demand, especially in developing countries. The focal theme of our Animal, Vetirinary and Fisheries Sciences have been well-tuned with the main focal theme of ISCA �Science and Technology: Rural India�. Rural development as assumed greater importance in India today than in the earlier period in the process of development of the country and our section is playing an important role in it. The papers and articles received in our section have been compiled in the form of books to make it more meaningful. We have published the entire proceedings in 4 Volumes. This volume contains 33 articles. We are thankful to all the authors and contributors for giving their time and writeup, who are responsible for the work presented in the paper and if any plagiarism question arises, they are answerable. We are thankful to ISCA, Kolkata and office bears of ISC of University of Agriculture, Bangaluru (from 3-7 January 2020) for encouraging us to hold symposium of our section in the section of Animal, Veterinary and Fisheries Sciences.