Microbial Antagonists: Their Role in Biological Control of Plant Diseases, 2 Vol Set Part - I: Fungal Antagonists ; Part- 2: Bacterial Antagonists and Bacteriophages

By: Pandey, R.N.,Dinesh Singh
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ISBN: 9788170195917
Year: 2019
Binding: Hardbound

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Microbial Antagonists: Role in Biological Control of Plant Diseases encompasses the overwhelming advantages of Biological Control Agents (BCA), their formulation, mass production, commercialization and potential field application for management of plant diseases. Scientists working in the areas of plant protection have contributed latest information on opportunities and challenges using bioinoculants and bio stimulants, their mode of action, cloning of antifungal anti bacterial genes, induced plant immunity, prospects of endophytic microorganisms and mycorrhiza in biocontrol and entrepreneurship development. The book will be useful and widely accepted by students, teachers, researchers as well as extension scientists working in biology, botany, plant pathology, nematology, entomology, ecology, agriculture, horticulture and the environmental sciences.