Organic Spices in North East India

By: Avasthe, R
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ISBN: 9788170196884
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound

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The spices are low volume high value commercial crops which play an important role in the agricultural economy of the country. The North East India is called as major hub of spices with great demand and tremendous potential. The region is home to some niche spices like Lakadang turmeric, Bird�s eye chilli, King Chilli, Nadia and Bhaise ginger, large cardamom, long pepper, black pepper, coriander, mint, sweet tamarind, perilla, vanilla, star anise, bay leaf and Zanthoxylum etc. which have high market demand for their unique features. Owing to inherently low external input driven nature of farming in the region, the North East lends itself to being developed into the �Organic Spices hub� of India. The book �Organic Spices in North East India� is an attempt to contain comprehensive information on various dimensions of organic production technology of the 20 spices grown extensively and have the potential to mark the entire North East India on the global spice map. This book is a detailed insight into the varietal, soil, water, nutritional, plant pests and diseases management aspects of the spices grown in the region. Additional information has also been provided on national guidelines for organic production from the NPOP and some other wild collections of spices which are commonly used in the region but not familiar in other parts of the country. The book will help to familiarize the farming community and various stakeholders involved in spices development with the basic requirements for organic production of these valued commodities and be augmentative in enhancing the organic spice production in the naturally blessed region of India.