Peste des Petits Ruminants : Sheep and Goat Plague

By: Tripathi, B.N.
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ISBN: 81-7019-681-6; 9788170196181
Year: 2018
Binding: Hardbound

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* Introduces historical accounts of rinderpest and PPR and foundation of veterinary profession * Provides a comprehensive insight on molecular biology of PPR virus, including virus structure, viral genome and its replication * Provides accounts of all the major PPR outbreaks in India after its introduction in 1994 * Illustrating immune response to PPRV infection and cross protection among morbilliviruses * Describes systems virology, viroinformatics and virus-host interactions * Provides a comprehensive overview of PPRV pathogenesis/pathology with several illustrations * Discusses the traditional control measure as well as recent developments in PPR vaccine * Addresses various PPR control programs initiated by OIE/FAO at regional and global levels to eradicate the disease by 2030 * Provides a comprehensive overview of various diagnostic methods