Production Technology of Underexploited Vegetables

By: Thapa U & Tripathi P
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ISBN: 9788170196785
Year: 2021
Binding: Hardbound

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This book on,�Production Technology of Underexploited Vegetables� deals with scientific production technologies of important underexploited vegetable crops of India in a more appropriate and systematic manner. Although, the underexploited vegetables are treated as most neglected crop, but they possess high potential which are not fully exploited for nutritional security, health, poverty alleviation, conservation of biodiversity etc. In the current scenario of climate change, these underexploited vegetables are treated as the vegetables for future generation due to their ability to perform under extreme adverse conditions. Special efforts have been made to prepare the manuscripts as per the Deans Committee Recommendation of ICAR, New Delhi for Post Graduate students of Vegetable Science. It contains information on scientific package of practices of underexploited vegetable crops under 32 chapters. Majority of the underexploited vegetables of India are included in this book covering perennial vegetables, tree vegetables, leafy vegetables, salad vegetables, minor cole crops, minor pod vegetables and minor cucurbits etc. It is a complete book on the subject and meant for Agriculture & Horticulture professionals at both under graduate and post graduate levels. An attempt has been made to provide crop-wise information on various aspects such as origin, distribution, scope & importance, climate & soil requirements, improved varieties, cultural requirements, nutrient management, water management, weed management, important intercultural operations, harvesting, yield, post harvest management etc. The information compiled in this book is presented in a very simple but comprehensive manner.